Cold Chain

Monitoring Platform

real time alarms - analytics and KPIs - daily reports

If you're a retailer like Walmart or Costco or if you're a consumer goods producer like Unilever or Procter & Gamble you know the importance of unbreakable cold chain operations.

cold chain monitoring meat
cold chain melted ice cream
cold chain frozen truck

Rotten Meat

Melted Ice Cream

Overheating truck

Refrigerated food must be stored, transported and sold within precision temperature. Failing to do so will jeopardyze quality and can lead to health and safety hazzards.

cold chain monitoring loss of money

Cold chain breaks impact not only the products lost but also the lost revenue.

Optimize truck routes and winter temperatures. Saves on gas and CO2 reduction.

Avoid health hazzards and bad PR

Whenever a problem occurs you get a real-time alarm. You can be notified via SMS or E-mail so you can take action.

Alarms are geo located so you can target them on a map if they occured on a truck.

The platform supports the typical alarm lifecycle allowing you to chose wich issues to fix right away.

You can define your own thresholds.

cold chain monitoring geo alarms
cold chain reporting suites

You can create Ad-Hoc Reports or can save them and run as Pre-Defined Reports.

Pre-Defined Reports can be scheduled and you can run them Weekly or Monthly.

Reports allow you to compare temperatures and humidity timely.

You will discover insights about your problems identifying wich months and locations have more alarms.

You can define polygonal geofences and routes and be alerted whenever a truck enters or exists said geofence or route.

Geofences, routes and thresholds can be can be defined by the user.

cold chain geofence

The Sensorice Platform supports multi-tenant. You can define sub-tenants to leverage geographical organization (north, south) or autonumous supermarkets like different countries. Each support triple A (authentication, authorization and accounting) which means that each sub-tenant only sees its own data. Only top management is able to see all the data.
All data is available through an API and can be integrated into your prefered ERP, CRM or BI tool.

If you...
- are in charge of metropolitan transportation of refrigerated food
- are in the business of premium meats
- want to start a last-mile delivery operation but are concerned about transportation conditions
- need to handle HACCP reports in your supermarket freezers or fridges...

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